Patent Litigation Financing

What is Patent Litigation Financing?

Patent Litigation FinancingPatent litigation is one that is usually complicated and expensive. With that attorneys that have a specialty in IP law know this and with this when attorneys find out that Verum Funding specialize in patent litigation funding the usually have some questions.

How do I get intellectual property financing?

This is an easy one to answer. When we get an submission we send it of to many of the underwriters that we use. Then they look at the case to see how strong it is and the probability of a successful verdict. Since litigation financing for this is very risky is does take some time to do this, especially since it is non recourse. In deciding if patent litigation funding is possible some things may be required from you to get approval.

What Is The Qualification Process?

Before going to diligence these are some of the questions that need to be answered to be considered for patent litigation funding.

  • patents that are part of the case and or cases
  • would be defendants in the case
  • what is the needed amount of money for a successful verdict.
  • estimate of the trial damages
  • experts that are needed for the case
  • is it a patent or a design infringement or is a trade secret, copyright, or trademark issue

Yes there is a lot of items that are needed but some if not all of these are needed to obtaining then non recourse commercial IP funding that is needed. Most firms in the past would take a IP case on full contingency but in today’s environment that is a thing of the past. Thus there is commercial IP litigation financing.

How Can Patent Litigation Funding help?

This type of commercial litigation funding can help with needed experts for a case, or relieve the cost burden for a business, or it can be used to grow a business or a law firm. Usually it is up to the business, law firm, or individual that is taking the non recourse loan but the terms that are signed will outline the use of the loan.

Patent litigation financing is there to deliver the capital that is needed in court case when it is needed most. If our commercial funding is something that could be use in your case please reach out to us by filling out a submission form on the right hand side or by calling us at 434-535-5229.

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