Attorney Funding Is Our Specialty

Attorney FundingAt Verum Funding, we understand that constant cash flow might be an issue at times, especially when waiting for larger cases to settle.  We help bridge that gap with the best attorney funding and with the best interest rate in the business to fit your firm’s needs.  Unlike banks, we know the value of your portfolio, we have attorneys on staff who are able to review your portfolio and help your firm secure financing. We make attorney funding happen for you.

The Verum Funding priority is to see your law firm or company flourish. With that our goal in mind we exceed the standard expectations with any standard lawyer financing broker firm. We give you not only the financial edge, and level the playing field but also give the trust that you want when dealing with us and acquiring the attorney funding that is needed for your case.

Why Would An Attorney Need Funding?

Many attorneys forget that this is their business and with that it requires a constant flow of capital. Many times when the fees in the legal practice is delayed it becomes harder and harder to get new clients, build the current cases, maintain payroll, pay the rent for the office, or even take home a salary. So acquiring attorney funding is sometimes a necessity for survival of the law firm and the attorneys in the firm.

How Can This Help In My Cases?

It is never a certain process when going through a legal case but with Verum’s Attorney Funding we can help even out the playing field. The funding can help with discovery costs, administrative costs, advertising, studies, the hiring of expert witnesses and any other costs associated with litigation. When using attorney funding it should be thought of almost as a attorney cash advance against the future successes in the cases that the firm has or future cases the firm will have.

How Is This Different From A Bank Loan?

Many firms ask “why not just get a loan from the bank”? With attorneys this is not always the easiest way to get funding. Due to that the bank usually needs some type of collateral, like real estate, or stocks to be able to get a line of credit. When the firm applies for attorney funding, the firms cases become the collateral for the advance/loan that is needed since they are considered future receivables. At Verum Funding we understand the value of a pending lawsuit and or a settlement so when there is a need for attorney funding we are able to get as much as possible for what is needed for your capital needs.


We are a company in Ohio with over 10 years of combined experience in litigation financing. We offer may different types of lawsuit financing and with this we do it through case evaluation. There is never a charge or fee for this. At Verum Funding we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, with this you know that we are here for you.

You can contact us by calling 434-535-5229, email or fill out the submission form on this page. With that one of our operation specialists will start to work on getting you prepared for litigation funding. If you would like to reach us by email our address is

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