Client Needing Boy Scouts Lawsuit LoansLooking for Boy Scouts Lawsuit Loans?

Are you searching for boy scouts lawsuit loans due to the sexual abuse that you have encountered. Boy Scouts of America has now filed bankruptcy. Even know the Boy Scouts of America has filed chapter 11 bankruptcy and there are over 84,000 claims, it does not mean that you can not get funding for your lawsuit. At Verum we are dedicated to helping you get what you need for your fight in this. Laws such as the Child Victims Act, are helping those abused in the Boy Scouts of America to help get justice in court.


Why Are Boy Scouts Lawsuit Loans needed?

When the Child Victims Act was passed, it was created to help those “reclaim their dignity” as Michael Polenberg of Safe Horizon stated. With that it makes it possible for any adult survivors of child sexual abuse to sue the abuser of the institution that they are a part of. No matter how long ago it happened. So if you are waiting for a lawsuit to be settled and need a boy scout lawsuit loan to help bridge the gap between now and their lawsuit setting. We can help with our non recourse litigation financing.

Claims have been documented since 1935. Allegedly the Boy Scouts of America did nothing to prevent the victims from predators for years. The Boy Scouts have over 1 billion in assets according to the bankruptcy filing. The insurance policies from the Boys Scouts are expected to supply millions of dollars to these victims of assault.

When applying for a boy scouts lawsuit loans there is no need to worry. The reason why is that the pre settlement financing  with Verum is non recourse. Meaning if your case is not successful there is no repayment due. So we help take the worry out of your financial worries, helping you focus on the recovery that is needed.


Some Of The Criteria For Qualifying for Boy Scouts Lawsuit Loans From Verum?

  • Must have been in the Boy Scouts Of America
  • Must have a filed lawsuit
  • Currently represented by an attorney
  • Attorney must know that you are looking for non recourse pre-settlement financing
  • Lawsuit must have been filed by November 16th 2020
  • Must have the ability for access to their proof of claim


Other Boy Scouts News

According to some experts over 97,000 Boy Scout members were allegedly sexually abused by Boy Scouts associates (over 7,800) including volunteers and troop leaders. In a statement made by the Boy Scouts of America “We care deeply about all victims of child abuse and sincerely apologize to anyone who was harmed during their time in Scouting. We believe victims, we support them, and we have paid for unlimited counseling by a provider of their choice as reported by ABC News.

Pamela Foohey, a law professor at Indiana University, said the volume of claims suggests the lawyers on behalf of victims were successful at getting the word out about the deadline for claims. The did this through television ads, news articles and other publicity as reported by washingtonpost.

The Boy Scouts have reached a $850 million settlement with many of the thousands of the sexual abuse victims. “We will now negotiate with the insurers and sponsoring and chartering organizations who have billions of dollars in legal exposure, of which a substantial portion is necessary to fairly compensate the survivors.” said the attorney Ken Rothweiler from Eisenberg Rothweiler located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  All of this was reported from nbcnews. Now the Boy Scouts claim that their organization “is safer now than ever before”.

As reported on Sep 30 2021 from, the victims of child sex abuse allegations from their time with the Boy Scouts of America will soon get a chance to vote on a Boy Scouts of America reorganization plan.

Reported on Sep 19 2023 from newswire initial payments have started to be made to the survivors who selected the Expedited Distribution/Quick pay. This was approximately 7,000 survivors that selected this option. The remaining 75,000 survivors are awaiting on the the trust distribution process outlined in the BSA’s plan of reorganization. Survivors are expecting to receive between $3,500 to $2.7 million. This is dependent on how the claims that were submitted are assessed.


How Verum Funding Can Help?

It may take years for the Boy Scouts of America, lawsuits to settle. It is hard to hold out while major companies can spend millions on their legal defense. By using Verum Funding it can help you hold out for the settlement that you deserve and help you with your financial difficulties while dealing with your case. These risk free pre settlement loans that are there to assist plaintiffs with their day to day needs. Call us today at 434-535-5229 or just upload you proof of claim or answer the questions on this page to start the pre-settlement lawsuit loan process.


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