Antitrust Litigation Funding GavelNeed Antitrust Litigation Finance?

Do you need antitrust litigation finance or also know as competition litigation financing? Antitrust law exists to help business and or corporations be competitive for the benefit of the consumers and to prevent anti-competitive or monopolistic conduct. When litigation is introduced into an antitrust suit, the claims are routinely for hundreds of millions of dollars. Most of the time it is up to the plaintiff to show the court that the alleged competitive injury  has a basis in their claim. When this is done though there are usually high monetarily costs that follow, because antitrust claims are usually the most expensive, complex and high stakes commercial cases around. This is why Verum Funding can help you get the antitrust litigation finance that is needed.

What Are The Benefits Of Antitrust Litigation Finance?

  • It levels the playing field – Usually defendants in antitrust litigation have the significant capital and are able to hire a strong and large legal team. By acquiring funding it helps you and your legal team maintain credibility by not having to simply settle for the team that you can afford.
  • Its Non Recourse – If the case is not successful then the advance does not have to be repaid. The only way the funder is repaid is when the claimant is successful in the antitrust litigation.
  • It can be used to hire experts that are needed – When hiring experts it can be expensive. With funding though you can get the best experts to help you show your claim.
  • Antitrust litigation finance can be a tactical benefit – The funded party may not have to disclose that there is a third party funder but quite often if the defendant knows that there financial backing from a third party they can be more sensible about a settlement since capital is no longer an issue.
  • It offers financial security –¬†There are very few plaintiffs, attorneys, or law firms that can wait out on the accused companies of the antitrust lawsuit. With the funding there is no reason to settle with an unfair settlement offer. With our antitrust litigation funding it lets firms know they are on secure footing and do not have to accept low settlement offers.

How Does The Financing Work?

Usually the law firm or plaintiff contacts Verum looking for funding. We then review the application and request any documents related to the case to help it get approved. If the law firm is looking for funding there will be some meetings that need to be had. If it is a plaintiff that is looking for funding then some meetings with the plaintiff and attorney(s) is needed. Next is the due diligence and background check if needed. If everything looks good then an agreement is sent out for signatures then funding. Not only do we offer antitrust litigation financing but also we have IP litigation funding and commercial litigation funding!

How Can Verum Funding Help You With Your Antitrust Litigation Funding Needs?

We can help with funding for a single antitrust case or a portfolio funding of them. Call us today at 434-535-5229 or fill out the intake form on the page or even email us at so we can help you get the antitrust litigation finance that you need.

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