Antitrust Litigation Funding GavelAntitrust Litigation Finance Antitrust or also know as competition litigation can be very expensive, with that it can take a long time to have a resolution to it. This along with third party financing has increased globally over the past years. Contact us at 434-535-5229 or filling out the intake form to find out how Verum Funding with the aggressive rates can help you with your litigation funding needs.



Attorney LoansAttorney Loans Many Attorneys have come to Verum for lawyer funding needed for advances, lines of credit, employee hiring, case advancement cost, and business expansion. With our credit exchanges are constructed principally in respect to the current case stock. Our rates and terms are aggressive and decided on a case by case premise. Contact us via phone or by filling out the contact us form on the right to get the financing you need for your cases or your law firm.



commercial litigation fundingCommercial Litigation Finance The need of capital is a certainty to most law firms when it comes to this. If it is not answered there can be a loss of business and with that the law firms that represent them. With the non-recourse financing it can be used at any stage of litigation, legal fees, working capital and growing the law firm. We are with you every step of the way. Contact us by phone or fill out a contact us form on the right to see how Verum Funding can help your portfolio or law firm today with our lawyer funding!



Patent Litigation FinancingPatent Litigation Financing Many law firms and plaintiffs need IP financing. Because it is one that is usually expensive an complicated. Our underwriters are skilled in delivering the capital that is needed in intellectual property cases for the lawyers and plaintiffs that need it. If you are in need of lawyer funding or you are a plaintiff needing to help move the case along then contact us. Fill out the submission form on the page or call us at 434-535-5229.



Class Action Lawsuit LoansClass Action Lawsuit Loans Mass tort cases are big business. There is now over 98 billion awarded in class action cases from the year 1996 to YTD. Class Action usually require huge amounts of money for experts, advertising, court fees, acquiring more plaintiffs, and many more expenses. With this Verum Funding knows there is a need of capital when dealing with these cases. Let Verum Funding get you the lawyer funding that you need to help you in the success in your case. Contact us today by phone or by filling out the intake form on this page.



Lawyer Funding with Verum Funding

If you are looking for funding for any of the type of case that you have above or any other types of cases please give us a call. We can help you and your firm get the litigation funding that you need, capital for payroll, upcoming trials, marketing and much more. We can help with funding for one off cases, portfolio funding, and firm growth. Call us at 434-535-5229 today and let us help with the funding that you need.