Litigation Funding with Verum

Litigation FundingLitigation funding is complicated enough without having to worry about the underlying finances. Without litigation financing, pressure could mount to prematurely settle or voluntarily dismiss your case which may prevent optimal results. At Verum Funding, we have relationships with a number of well-established litigation funding lenders operating in North America.

One of major difficulties faced by any claimant (personal or corporate) who needs litigation financing is that they commonly have insufficient resources to even prepare their cases to a point suitable for assessment by a funder. This is particularly so with liquidators and trustees in bankruptcy who are appointed to asset less administrations with good potential legal actions but no funds available immediately to cover the expense of a legal assessment and basic case evaluation.
In this situation good claims are not being pursued because of the initial expense required to determine whether or not an action is eligible for litigation funding, and if suitable, which of the litigation funders is the best to approach according to their own funding criteria and case interest. We now are able to offer patent litigation financing and many other types of commercial litigation financing for those who qualify.

Verum Funding is committed to assisting claimants to properly assess whether their legal actions qualify for litigation funding. We can help claimants with good commercial cases secure funding to best enable them to go forward securing as well as assisting the various litigation funders in making a determination on litigation funding and providing the approved funds.

In many instances we are able at first consultation to provide feedback on whether an action is suitable for litigation funding assistance or not. At the end of this preliminary assessment process we can advise on the steps needed to be taken to secure funding. This service is also relevant to legal actions that are underway and need additional funding to go to trial in the case of defended actions.

The Litigation Funding with Verum

There is no doubt that high cost of litigation is a barrier to securing justice and enabling good claims to be vigorously pursued to judgment or law firm loanssettlement. Litigation financing is a funding product now available in the United States to facilitate these outcomes. However, good case assessment and selection is a key factor.

Verum Funding has the necessary case selection skills and experience, and close relationships with leading litigation funders operating in the United States and overseas, to assist and add value to this process.

How Can You Get Litigation Financing Today?

Litigation financing services and companies will continue to grow in popularity, especially as attorneys utilize the best business plans while still operating within the confines of legal ethics, predominately fee sharing, disclosing conflicts, and preserving the attorney-client privilege.  At Verum Funding will be here every step of the way to see your law firm or company flourish by bringing case with merit that might not otherwise have been adjudicated.

How Is Verum Funding Different From Other Funding Companies Or Brokers

Verum Funding is different in many ways when procuring litigation funding…

  • We are fast: Many funders and brokers have the same issue. It takes months to get an answer on if a case or a portfolio of cases can get funding. With us we take that away and get the answers fast.
  • You can always reach us: We are always just a phone call away and you can always get ahold of somebody at Verum to answer any questions that you have.
  • Updates: To make sure that you know of the progress of what is happening we provide updates 0n a weekly basis, or if needed sooner we are just a phone call away. After all you want to know that you funding that you need is moving forward. After all litigation financing has been the building blocks of how Verum Funding has built their business within litigation funding.
  • Access to our experts: If you need to run ideas or thought past us we can help. We have some of the most experienced litigation finance employees in the industry.

Why Verum Funding?

If you need funding, our expertise sets us above from others. We know that every case and portfolio is different and the capital needs that go with it. Our team is adaptable and flexible, that along with full transparency through the process is why so many have chosen Verum Funding for their litigation funding needs. We also can help with strategic assistance if needed because we are here to help you be successful. Let us help you tailor the financial solutions to your capital needs.

You can get the litigation financing today that you need by contact us by emailing us at, filling out the submission form on this page, or calling 434-535-5229 to discuss the attributes of any legal action you want to proceed with but do not have sufficient funds and you need a third party to cover the legal costs required to investigate whether the claim can be prosecuted. Let Verum Funding help you get the litigation funding that you need.

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