Litigation Claims Investing & What It Can Do For You

Investing in Litigation Claims MoneySo you have made the decision to invest in litigation financing. It is a growing market and gives investors to generate returns that are uncorrelated to the equity market. There are many different types of litigation finance depending on the type of funding that you are interested in. From patent litigation to plaintiff financing to portfolio funding finance all of them.

Litigation Finance or also know as lawsuit funding gives a cash advance to plaintiffs, companies, attorneys, and or law firms that are projected to win a settlement from their lawsuits and or the suits that they have filed. Litigation Funding can help level the “playing field” by giving attorneys, law firms, companies, and plaintiffs the money that is required for them to win a settlement when going up against well funded defendants. Thus working for the fair judgement that is needed.

The Verum Funding team once done with assessing and estimating the value of case and or cases then is able to offer up to 10% of the value of the case. This can be done during litigation, the appeal and or during the settlement. By the venue knowledge, choosing cases with high level of successful settlement, attorney and firm knowledge, and the underwriting it protects everybody’s investment in the fund against overexposure.

Litigation finance offers prospectively higher returns that traditional investment strategies and with that all of the different types of litigation finance can help determine the returns. There are some requirements for becoming an *eligible investors for example, the investor has to be an accredited investor.


Investments That Are Unhindered By Market Performance

The Verum Funding investment fund give the opportunity that is untrammeled by broader markets. Verum Funding gives the ability for an alternative investment for investors that are looking for different types of investments and looking to diversify the types of investments that they have. So if you are looking for non-correlated risk and the chance for better yield, Investing in litigation finance with Verum Funding might be the answer that you are looking for. We can help with your litigation investment needs.

Investing In Litigation Claims, Instant Portfolio Diversity

For those that are looking for diversification, Verum Funding’s investment into litigation claims offers a untraditional investment. When assessing the cases all of the underwriters only work with cases that have the high probability of a successful outcome. With prosperous settlements the capital returns and keeps the fund growing bigger. Our investing in litigation claims include

  • Commercial Litigation Financing
  • Patent Litigation Funding
  • Plaintiff Funding
  • Antitrust Litigation Finance
  • Law Firm Funding
  • Class Action/Mass Tort Funding
  • Breach of Contract
  • QUI TAM/Whistleblower

Litigation Finance In The News

As reported by Leslie Perrin the chairman of ILFA stated “It doesn’t matter what happens to interest rates for the stock market, litigation assets will go unaffected.”

The predicts that the pandemic is expected to bring more lawsuits and more financial backers due to the economic downturn.

Law com reported that the use of litigation funding raised by 46% from the previous year that was made to firms in the Am Law 200. In 2020 Am Law 200 firms litigation funding went up 488% in 2020.

So what are you waiting for? Is it not time for you to be investing in litigation funding claims? Let us help you with making money in the litigation funding arena.

How Conservative Is Our Investments In Litigation Funding Claims?

Verum Funding’s world class underwriters have a background in plaintiff, commercial, patent infringement, mass tort, and personal injury cases. So they know the likelihood of a strong case compared to those that are not. With our underwriters backgrounds we have an ability to lower the risk and increase the success in our fund.

Ready To Invest In The Litigation Claims?

If you are an accredited investor looking to invest with Verum Funding in litigation claims. Fill out the intake form on the bottom of the page, email us at or give us a call at 434-535-5229 and Verum Funding representative will be in touch with you shortly.


Team up with Verum Funding for the investing in litigation claims that you need for your portfolio.


*Eligible Investor is one that is an accredited investor as defined in Regulation D under the Securities Act. Is a qualified purchaser as defined in Section 2a 51 of the U.S. Investment Company of 1940, amended the Company Act, or a knowledgeable employee as in under Rule 3c-5 of the Company Act, The rules and regulations there under; and meets other suitability requirements set forth in the documents for the fund
**The fund offering in only made available to accredited investors that can bear the economic risk of this investment. The information above does not constitute an offer to purchase and or sell securities.