Roundup Class Action Lawsuit Payout

Roundup Class Action Lawsuit Payout

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Roundup which is a weed/grass killer that is used by gardeners, homeowners, farmers and landscapers which was marked as a non-toxic and safe product. Now apparent the parent company Monsanto withheld important information on linking evidence between Lymphoma and Roundup and other types of cancer.

With this being done many lawyers have started to pursue Monsanto and Roundup in a class action lawsuit with plaintiffs that have been diagnosed with cancer after regular and consistent exposure to Roundup. Which have many asking when is the roundup class action lawsuit payout going to happen?

In 2016 the JPML (Judicial Panel Multidistrict Litigation) consolidated the pretrial proceedings for all the Roundup cancer lawsuits that were filed for all the federal court system.

Bellwether cases hare already have completed and with that it set up the ability for the Roundup and Monsanto class action lawsuit settlements. With this the bellwether cases are not binding to any other lawsuits, but they will be useful and help others know what the settlements are and what other similar lawsuits would be settled for.

Not too long ago a jury in San Francisco told the company of Monsanto that they were to pay $289,000,000 for damages to a groundskeeper at a school who got cancer after many years of using the Roundup product. In that verdict the jury found that the parent company of Roundup, Monsanto intentionally kept information from the public about the harmful ingredient that was in Roundup, glyphosate. The $39,000,000 that was awarded to Johnson (the groundskeeper) was for his medical bills. The additional 250,000,000.00 was for his non-economic damages!

The final Bellwethers case against Roundup was a California couple who used the weed killer. They were both diagnosed with terminal Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma. They were awarded the largest award out of all of the trials in the amount of over 2 billion U.S. dollars.

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The Roundup Class Action Lawsuits & Funding In The News

In March of 2021 the final approval of the settlement with Roundup was delayed due to the objections of the method of resolving the future claims in a science panel

In May of 2021 the MDL Judge of Roundup rejected the Bayer motion for approval of the controversial settlement proposition that could have put all of the future Roundup claims in jeopardy.

In August in 2021 it was official that Bayer put aside 4.5 billion for the future claims and that Bayer would ask the U.S. consumer market to pull any of the glyphosate based Roundup.

Roundup Lawsuit Funding & The Settlement Fund Point System

There is now a Epiq system for assessing the rewards of a claimant by applying a point system.
As follows there are many of the factors that determine the points by a claimant.

  • The risk factor developing NHL and before the NHL diagnosis
  • Type of NHL
  • Age when the diagnosis of NHL happened
  • Exposure time to Roundup
  • Injury Severity
  • Length of time between NHL diagnosis and Roundup
  • NHL treatment

By doing this Roundup is able to distribute the settlement funds in a fair way. If the claimant does not agree with the point system they can appeal this but only one appeal is allowed and after that the decision is final.

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Roundup Lawsuit Settlements

Additionally to many lawsuit damages, there is a possibility that the plaintiff would be able to recover non-economic damages. Non-economic damages do not have an exact monetary value, such as how much a person would have lost by no longer working. These are the types of damages that are awarded for the suffering and the personal loss of the victim. This can include any disabilities the victim has suffered, physical or emotional trauma, lost enjoyment and including the quality of life/physical pain and suffering.

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