Class Action Lawsuit Loans

Class Action Lawsuits are big business. This information comes straight from Stanford. As of right now there is over 98 billion awarded in class action from 1996 to YTD. The most frequently sued sector is Technology followed by Services, Financial, and Healthcare. The most frequently sued industry is the Biotechnology & Drugs followed by Software & Programming, Investment Services and Communication Equipment.

Along with that class action lawsuit usually take many years to complete. With that being said it is hard on both attorneys and plaintiffs. With attorneys they are usually working on a contingency basis because most plaintiffs do not have the money to pay for the billing of a class action attorney. Mass tort lawyers are the one paying for experts and flying them into court. The attorneys are the ones drafting the complaint reviewing the case law, the evidence and other parts of the case. With the plaintiffs they are the ones that may be having a hard time with bills at home due to the complaint. They might not be able to work because of the lawsuit or even they might be having a hard time with their medical bills. 

With all of this happening it is hard not for lawyers and plaintiffs to except low ball settlements that come their way especially when the defense has deep pockets to let this go on. Especially when the lawsuits can take longer than many other types of lawsuits. 

This is why Verum Funding offers Class Action Lawsuit Loans

With Verum’s class action lawsuit loans you are able to let the